Extension Complete in Humberside by the Aquamatic Fire UK Ltd Team

Extension Complete in Humberside by the Aquamatic Fire UK Ltd Team

After some hard work by the Aquamatic Fire UK Limited team a new extension in Humberside has been completed.

Aquamatic Fire UK Limited Entertain at Leeds United FC

Saturday 07 April 2018, a day to be remembered, not for the football but for the fun and enjoyment had by the Aquamatic Fire UK Limited team and a group of our Key Customers and Suppliers. Leeds United FC offered a great package, and whilst the match result did not end the way some had wished everyone went away with a smile on their face, with friendships made and more relationships built.

Team Aquamatic & Friends

Kick Off

Red Powder Coated Sprinkler System Install in Leicester

New Manufacturing Platform Sprinkler Installation

Great job by one team of our Site Engineers – Installing new red powder coated pipework under a manufacturing platform at a famous food/snack manufacturer in Leicester.
Red Powder Coated PipeworkRed Powder Coat Pipe

Your Fire Sprinkler System Needs YOU!!

Today Aquamatic Fire UK Limited launched their new campaign – “Your Fire Sprinkler System Needs YOU!!” – to improve fire sprinkler system service and maintenance across the UK.

Starting with a survey to try and understand the Customer needs; Aquamatic Fire UK Limited aim to offer bespoke service and maintenance packages.

The survey only takes moments to complete and Aquamatic Fire UK Limited’s expert team of fire protection specialists will contact Customers completing the survey to discuss their requirements.

You can take the survey by following this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XC5LYQ2





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